老高介紹:朱迪·海文利 (Judy Hevenly)-2024年度/十二星座運勢

January is a cycle to embrace the new. You sense it is time for a change, You are ready to meet your destiny. Time spent alone in meditation or Walks will reveal which is your best path to follow. Trust your heart to Reveal the truth. With a new approach, your finances improve. Live the Life that nourishes your being.

April 21– May 21 4 月 21 日至 5 月 21 日
This is your best year yet. With Jupiter the planet of good fortune and Uranus the planet of change in your sign, it encourages you to embrace the unknown. The stars are aligned in your favor. You will let go what no longer serves your purpose. In doing so you attract golden opportunities both in your private and business life.

May 22 – June 21
5 月 22 日 – 6 月 21 日
This January there is a strong focus on where you are going in life. January is the month to correct your course. Let go any unhealthy situations and embrace new opportunities. It is time also to create a new vision and trust your inner self to lead you to a better life.
今年 1 月,你會非常關注自己的人生方向。一月是糾正方向的月份。放棄任何不健康的狀況,迎接新的機會。現在也是時候創造一個新的願景,相信你的內心會引領你走向更好的生活。

June 22 – July 22
6 月 22 日至 7 月 22 日

This new year you will receive positive changes, benefits and Good fortune through others. This could be help from a stranger, or unexpected funds. Financially you are protected. This month you will be able to focus on matters at hand. Like-minded people support your endeavors.

July 23 – August 22
7 月 23 日至 8 月 22 日
Luck smiles on you. Sudden work opportunities turn up. They create circumstances that lead to a new way of thinking. If you are satisfied with your career, it brings success. If seeking a change, this will present itself. Love relationships Help you experience more of yourself.
幸運之神向你微笑。突然出現的工作機會。他們創造的環境會帶來新的思考方式。如果你對自己的職業感到滿意,它會帶來成功。如果你在尋求改變,它也會出現。愛情關係 幫助你體驗更多自我。

August 23 -September 22 8 月 23 日至 9 月 22 日
Hard work beginning January will pay off at year’s end. The New Moon January 11, encourages you to take care of Your health. Be aware of your body’s energy field. Strengthen It with your mind. As a result, you experience new places, People, and a whole new belief system.
一月開始的辛勤工作將在年底得到回報。 1 月 11 日的新月鼓勵你關懷自己的健康。注意你身體的能量場。用你的意念加強它。因此,你會體驗到新的地方、新的人和全新的信仰體系。

September 23– October 22 9 月 23 日至 10 月 22 日
You let go of the past. You slowly unwrap the new you, a Stronger, brighter, and more skilled version. 2024 is a Powerful and transformative year. Thursday, January 25, The Full Moon, enjoy the mystery of love with your ‘special,’ person.
你放下過去。你慢慢打開新的自己,一個更強大、更明亮、更熟練的自己。 2024 年是充滿力量與改變的一年。 1月25日,週四,滿月,與你的 “特別 “之人享受愛的神秘。

October 23– November 21 10 月 23 日至 11 月 21 日
Your biggest possibilities for happiness are in relationships. This includes all your relationships from romance to your General reaction with others. Focus on improving your personal and business connections. It is a year to find your path, and draw the people who matter the most, around you.

November 22 – December 21
11 月 22 日至 12 月 21 日
A year of exciting and unpredictable change The areas you Will see this change, will be your work, health, and day to Day life. You will have the time to pursue your personal Interests. Your daily life changes for the better, and Prosperity ‘smiles at you,’ as you pursue your dreams.
令人興奮且不可預測的變化之年 你將看到這種變化的領域是你的工作、健康和日常生活。你將有時間追求個人興趣。在你追求夢想的過程中,你的日常生活會變得更好,繁榮也會 “向你微笑”。

December 22 – January 20
12 月 22 日至 1 月 20 日
You feel like a new person. All your hard work from the previous year pays off. The New Moon, Jan 1, starts a whole new cycle. You follow your heart where love is concerned. The New Moon, January 25, you take on something new. Finally, it feels, as if things are finally coming together.
你感覺自己煥然一新。上一年的辛勤工作得到了回報。 1月1日的新月開啟了一個全新的週期。在愛情方面,你追隨自己的心。 1月25日的新月,你開始了新的生活。終於,感覺上,好像事情終於走到了一起。

January 21 – February 19
1 月 21 日至 2 月 19 日
It’s a big year for all Aquarians. A very fortunate turn of events sees a move to a better location, a new job position. Difficult people leave your life. You master your finances, and work toward getting your life in a healthier position. You become the agent of change and not the victim.

February 20 – March 20
2 月 20 日至 3 月 20 日
A key year for you, necessitating hard work, effort, and discipline. You will do what needs to be done. As you do so, you get a real sense of achievement. You will be in good spirits. You sense you can deal with anything. It’s a year to expand your mind. In so doing, you are rewarded with a happy optimistic attitude.